Indoor And Outdoor Advertising Design Solutions

We offer advertising design services to target your local audiences. Indoor and Outdoor advertisement is the most cost effective means of creating local awareness of your brand. Our duty as Kinque, we select site and design an eye catching design

Kinque expertise will benefit you as a client in many ways. We offer solutions that are relevant, frequent and high visibility to your targeted audience.

Get smart with Customized Company Profile Design

A good company profile may be used to attract your potential customers faster. If well designed, a brochure has the capacity to attain fantastic recall and reach.

  • Achieve maximum effect while telling your story in a limited space
  • The profile of the firm can cover different topics at a go
  • Brochure eases your struggles to reach your potential customers
  • Brochures are cost effective since only designing and printing costs are incurred
  • Kinque will ensure that the brochures designed will catch the reader’s attention
  • Referrals may easily done through brochures

What Kinque offers in the design of a company profile:

Kinque has a team of experts to create a memorable profile for firms with a high transferability and high recall value. Furthermore, our expertise in printing assists you in optimizing the expenses.

We offer;

  • Banner placements, signboards, no-parking boards and other small sized sites
  • On road sites like pole kiosks, road dividers, toll booths and Traffic posts.
  • Public places like, cafeteria, office canteens as well as common food courts in malls
  • Captive long term sites like Giant logo units, neon signs and other permanent structures.
  • Large sized transit media such as Bill boards, Metro stations Gantries, and many others.

Take charge of your business outdoor advertising with Kinque Limited

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