As an entrepreneur, you get only a single chance to impress your potential customers. Hence, it is essential to use the best foot when given the chance and grab the opportunity firmly. Kinque Design Ltd is here to offer you smart trade show display designs to communicate your mission, vision and a competitive advantage over your competitors.

  • Pop up Displays – Our firm offers economical, strong, eye catching pop up trade show designs
  • Island Exhibits – Areas of solitary display that can be viewed from all angles generally offers high visibility.
  • Fabric Displays – For projection systems or stretched surfaces, fabrics are always preferred since they are pocket friendly and easy to transport
  • Backwall Display – Walk-ins will escalate when you make use of backwall display since they grab attention of potential customers. Moreover, they are cost effective and the easiest solutions for displays.
  • Modular displays  – These are mostly preferred for expos since they create a stunning display apart from their ease of installation.
  • Outdoor displays  – These displays are designed to withstand all weather conditions and offer durable designs that last longer than any other type of display.
  • Table Top display – These displays are designed for close distance with your clients and is recommended if the number is big.

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