Promoting growth in business by trusting one of the finest office fit out companies in Kenya.

Your office most of the time offers you the chance to create a good impression that your customers and business associates perceive. Hence, we cannot over highlight how critical your office interior resonates with your business insights. Kinque Designs is an office interior design in Kenya whose responsibility is providing any commercial space an impression that your firm is of an astute kind.

We acknowledge the challenges faced by business people while they move into new offices or when they are planning to set up a commercial workspace. One of the commonly faced problems by business owners is a constraint in space. Here at Kinque, other than providing business owners with good commercial interior design, we also provide fit-out solutions to maximize the space available at your premises.

Since we are a competitive fit-out firm in Kenya, we are obliged to ensure that customers see their workplaces built not any other way but the way they envision it. We offer different ideas of office interior while our team of experienced professional members seamlessly execute their work. We normally see that a synergy exists between office interior design and function and purpose of the business. Our work is to design your office with regards to your tastes and demands- that is, your vision is our mission.

We consider each and every aspect of the interior such as flooring works, lighting, ceiling, colors, accents, branding and the choices of furniture. Office fit-outs will come in handy as we have our own facility for production. We are always giving value to every coin you spend and to satisfy your reasons on why you hired an Interior Design Company.

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A Reputable and Experienced Villa Interior Design Company in Kenya.

The Secret to Having Brilliant villa Interior Designs

Every villa interior design firm in Kenya has a specialty but here at Kinque Design we believe in three things which are the main reason for a successful villa interior design and these are; personality, function, and mood. A villa interior that is designed well functions properly and also forms a particular mood or feeling and portrays the personality of people living there.

Designing interiors is far beyond just what appeals the eyes- it makes a particular room to really work for you. There are unlimited ideas of villa interior design at Kinque to assure our customers of world-class quality villas.

We are dedicated and always work with passion to finish our project on time, every time. We strive to surpass our customers’ expectations.

Kinque Designs is a full-service firm. Our wide range of services in design entails kitchen design, interior, parquet flooring, and wooden flooring. We have full capacity to redesign your villa in every single way you want with our sound skills. Call us today to design or redesign your villa and make your dreams a reality.

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