Make your office furniture prolific with the best customized furniture that suits your taste from Kinque.

When you last visited any office, what was the first thing that attracted you? Not only an office, even the last café you visited, can you recall the first thing you noticed? Without doubt, it was the appearance as well as the furniture. When you think of the best furniture supplier, think of Kinque Interior Design. Furniture is one of the most critical features of interior design as it shows the beauty and attractiveness of your interior. According to your interior, we supply a wide variety of furniture. There are different retailers for office furniture, however, Kinque supplies them as per what is needed to improve your interior.

Are you looking for customized office furniture in Kenya?

You can find customized office furniture from different outlets in Kenya. Nevertheless, I am so certain that what you are looking for is very different from what is offered in these outlets or something just out of the box. Kinque is here just for that purpose. We shall provide you with furniture with amazing creative styles and designs. Other than designing furniture in accordant to your preferences, we offer quality products.
This task is mind-boggling and requires creativity in which selection of the quality and appropriate design is needed. You should not worry about all of these as our designers are experts in this field.

Best office interior company is here for you.

I am certain that you are fed up with the old design of your interior and you are looking for something trendy and more creative. Also, I am certain that you want to change the interior of your office and replace with the best custom made furniture.
You don’t need to worry as Kinque is here for you. We offer our clients the best office interior along with trendy furniture to that people will find it hard to resist.

Turnkey Interior Solutions

Nowadays, turnkey interior solutions are regarded as one of the most popular options as they are tested to be cost-effective, easier and efficient for home, retail outlets, and offices. Kinque design is here to give you quality turnkey interior from the beginning of the project to the end and reduce workloads as well as stress for all our customers.

We serve as a one-stop shop in each and every of our projects regardless of whether it is a completely new start or a makeover. Call us today to complete your turn-key Solutions.

Office fit-out Solutions

Do not hesitate to call us when you are currently in need of more space in your office as well as new furniture.

It is somewhat exhausting to plan for a new office layout or renovating an already existing office layout. Moreover, making the office a more functional is even more of a challenge and that is why you need experts in the field of interior designing such as Kinque. Kinque is an office interior fit-out firm that put the ideas and priorities of our customers at the forefront. Here at Kinque, the ideas of our clients are accepted and combined with ours and the best plan of the floor is reasoned out. All commercial fit-out services are provided by Kinque Designs from floor to the ceiling inclusive of everything in between.

Retail Fit Out Solutions

A few years back then, shops were just simple structures with stock- just shelves with whatever a retailer is selling. Nevertheless, this has changed over the years since now customers are demanding experience which needs design and quality of the interior. Kinque Designs will assist you in getting the rewards of doing business in a retail shop with a great fit out regardless of whether it is a bar, coffee shop or an apparel line.

As a retail fit-out firm in Kenya, we do not offer just the aesthetic value of your retail interior, but as well speak the soul of your business. Here at Kinque Design, we are determined to provide retail fit-out to our esteemed customers and encourage their customers to spend at their premises as well as maintain loyalty.

Kinque Interior Design Services.

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