Wooden flooring company in Kenya

Several business people have the tendency to overlook wooden flooring mainly because it is expensive when compared to other types of flooring. Similarly, they overlook the great benefits that this type of flooring comes with such as maintenance, quality, and aesthetic value.

You can’t and will never go wrong when you consider putting wooden floors. Each type of wooden flooring has a natural beauty that can match with any décor- classic, modern or traditional. Wooden floors can be used in any room although you have to keep in mind that some areas warrant specifications like the basement and kitchen- the heavy-duty ones.

If you have no idea of the factors to be considered in wooded flooring it becomes difficult for you to make a choice in the type of wooden floors to use. Choice of design, durability, and weighing up the expenses, you can leave it up to Kinque Design being a reputable wood flooring firm.

Our company work persistently to maintain professional integrity by providing our clients with quality products of wooden flooring

Custom made wooden furniture in Kenya

Among the best things that you can find in Kenya is the fact that you can get anything made- I mean anything and you can be assured of getting a skilled craftsman who can do it. This is true with custom made furniture.

Over the last ten years, there has been a steady increase in the demand for custom made furniture and one reason for this is the wide range of products and flexibility that can be made by manufactures. Kinque design is the best if not among the best manufacturers to make your furniture as you envision them.

Kinque Design in the best place to your unusual pieces of furniture and will assist you in revamping your retail, home, and office by transforming the furniture into extraordinary ones. I believe you have seen a unique piece of furniture somewhere either on TV or magazine and wondered the place where you could get such a piece. Worry no more if Kinque is here because we will customize the piece of furniture you always wanted. Just make sure you choose your service provider wisely- in other terms choose Kinque Designs.

Be it desks, beds, workstations, dining tables, cupboards, shelves or anything else you might think of, Kinque Design will customize them beyond your imagination.

Pergola Manufacturers in Kenya

Think of adding more pergolas if you think your garden is not having the desired outlook that you desire. Pergolas are the best things to adorn your home garden or pool. Adding pergola is among the ways of creating a splendor garden which perfectly inclines the quality of your outdoor. Our company is among the top manufacturers of pergolas in Kenya and we assure you of the best pergola to suit your desires.

Nowadays, pergolas are regarded to be one of the main landscaping elements used around the globe. These amazing overhead structures provide your home with an appealing and inviting outdoor relying upon the design and size.

These structures are made from a wide range of materials such as fiber, wood, and vinyl. Your pergola will surely give you a wonderful shaded good look depending on the material it was constructed from. From whatever shape and of whatever color, these structures are the definite outdoor decoration component.

We advise you to contact us today if you are not sure whether your pergola goes well with your yard, deck or patio. If you need custom based pergolas whether double-columned, trellised modular, hotel-style, classic or any other type you think of, just call Kinque today and get your pergola done.

Wooden Doors

Selecting the choice of wooden doors is not just about the security they provide and how durable they may be, this selection should also be about style as well as the beauty of the whole place. We provide wooden doors that alleviate the beauty of your workplace or any other place.

With our skilled workforce, we provide doors made from different types of hardwood such as beech, ash, pine, teak wood, cedar just to mention but a few.

Fire Rated doors

Many people are worried about fire hazards. Among the best way of taking precautions on fire hazards are fixing fire-rated doors in any of the premises. Kique design is here to provide you with these doors. To assure our clients of functionality, these doors have undergone a series of tests. Not only doors but wardrobes as well can be built using these materials.

Kitchen Cabinets

We are aware of the several reasons why cabinets are installed in the kitchens. Kitchen cabinets bring style in your kitchen and not only hold food, appliances, and dishes. Choosing cabinets that suit your kitchen, as well as your budget, may be a difficult task but we are here to do that for you.


Decorative panels such as Mashrabia provide an amazing way to bring authenticity in your premises or homes. Call us today and we will ensure you get high-quality mashrabia.

Reception Counters

Reception counters play an important role in any business. When you enter any business in town, we are so certain that the first counter you encounter in the reception counter. These counters characterize the whole organization and it is essential for business owners to consider the choice of counters. Our services in reception counters satisfy the taste of our customers in terms of budget, material, and design.

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