How to Invest

  • Application forms are available online.
  • A minimum investment amount of 5000 Kshs is required for entire investments.
  • A minimum additional amount of 1000 Kshs
  • Payments can be done through;
    • M-Pesa
    • Check-off
    • Cheque
    • Direct debit
    • Direct Transfer
  • A fee of 3{2ae461a275dcbaf78cea5a75dff32565408e7517eb8f4463b577e713ea891a01} is charged on Groups and Organisations.
  • A service of 3{2ae461a275dcbaf78cea5a75dff32565408e7517eb8f4463b577e713ea891a01} yearly on Funds under management is applicable to the Dividend and Balanced Funds while a service fee of 1.5{2ae461a275dcbaf78cea5a75dff32565408e7517eb8f4463b577e713ea891a01} of Funds under management is applicable to the Money Market Fund.
  • A fee of 3.5{2ae461a275dcbaf78cea5a75dff32565408e7517eb8f4463b577e713ea891a01}  yearly on funds under management is applicable to the High yield fund.

Reasons to invest in a unit trust

This ensures that one can maximize on returns while reducing the overall investment risk.

Kinque have professional managers with a research track record as well as excellent returns within the market of Kenya.

Our company is statutory entrusted to the Capital Markets Authority and regulated by the Collective Investment Schemes Regulations Act, whose mission is protecting the investor.

The buying and selling of Kinque investments can be done easily and at any given moment. The allocation of assets can also be done, that is, one can change from Money Market Fund to Equity-based fund and vice versa.

There is no fixed period of investment and one can invest briefly or as long as he pleasures.